Bubble It!

Okay, we may not be starting the bubble wrap jacket craze (yet), but we are still crazy about bubble wrap. Bubble wrap has been getting a bad rep lately from companies talking big about environmentally-conscious packaging. But, we are here to tell you bubble wrap is here to stay for good reason. Made-on-demand options, curbside recyclable features, historical success in packaging valuable products – air filled packaging is a tried and true method of getting your products safely to your customer the first time. Plus, it is easily reusable!

Made on Demand

Our top cushioning vendors like Sealed Air offer great bubble on-demand systems that allow companies to free up space on their floors with rolls of film in many configurations. That film takes up less trucking power also, cutting down on your company’s carbon footprint. Classic bubble wrap, pouches, tubes, pillows and more are all available for on-demand machines.

Curbside Recycling

Not all bubble wrap is recyclable, but we do offer options that are. Most lower grade bubble can be recycled with most other plastics. We offer several grades (strengths) of bubble in different bubble sizes that are curbside recyclable – ask us!

Tried and True

Did you know bubble wrap was actually invented because of a failed textured wallpaper attempt? It’s true! Many years later it is a fantastic option to get your product to your customer safely the first time which cuts down on returns and re-shipments.  Because of its lightweight and durable features it keeps the weight of your packages low while maintaining excellent cushioning.

Color Customization

We now offer custom colored bubble wrap and custom shapes through our made-on-demand options. Dog bones, hearts, stars, and more are all available to help customize your packaging for that perfect unboxing experience! We suggest adding your favorite hashtag to the inside of the box so your consumers know who to tag when they post their favorite packages!

This was just a quick run-down on the benefits of using bubble wrap. For more information on the bubble wrap options available to you contact your Sales Representative!