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We believe in sharing our knowledge with our customers whenever able. We encourage you to browse our case studies, blog posts, and resource guides to learn more about packaging and what we are able to offer. Whether you are a current customer or new customer we know when it comes to packaging we can be your #1 source for solution-driven product and equipment offerings.

Case Studies

Our expertise combines 60+ years of in the field working with real customers

On The Blog

Stay ahead of the curve with industry news, vendor announcements, technology improvements and more

Supplier Listing

A listing of our largest suppliers and the categories they cover

Corrugated Box Resource Guide

Learn more about corrugated materials, fluting, styles and more

Sustainability Overview

A guide to abilities, tools, and further learning when it comes to industrial packaging.

How To Measure A Bag

Correct measuring saves you money and decreases your carbon footprint

Mil Vs Gauge Vs Micron Thickness Conversion Guide

Included is a quick conversion chart and definitions of each measurement