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Top Suppliers Helping to Grow Your Business

Your business is important and that's why we represent the top industry leaders across the world.

Some of the biggest names in the business including 3M and Sealed Air have representatives in our office regularly educating our sales force on the current technology advancements and latest product offerings.  In the last 50 years we've seen it all. Packaging used to be a means to an end but now it is how brands are delivering their image to their customers in a digital, social-media saturated world. It's more important than ever to make sure your product arrives safely without damage in the most cost effective way possible. We thrive in situations where we can troubleshoot and present valuable solutions to your company's needs by using products from our trusted suppliers and manufacturers.
Here is a list of just a handful of our top suppliers:


  • Products including tapes, adhesives, packing list envelopes, and more
  • Equipment including case sealers and case erectors

Acme Packaging

  • Products including plastic and steel strapping, buckles, seals, and polycord
  • Equipment including manual/combination tools, cutters, and more

AEP Stretch Films

  • A wide variety of stretch films including machine length, hand film, and pre-stretch films.

Aetna / Robopac

  • Stretch wrap equipment including turntables, rotary arms, and the Robot stretch wrapper


  • Large variety of carton sealing tapes
  • Equipment including case erectors and case sealers


  • Large selection of tapes


  • Equipment including rollbag auto baggers, shrink wrap machines, medical sealers, and bag sealers


  • Equipment including case sealers, tray formers, hand packing stations, robotic solutions, and more.

Decker Tape

  • A large variety of tape including carton sealing tapes, aisle marking, filament/strapping tapes, double coated tapes, and more. Decker also has a wide selection of labels.


  • Equipment including case tapers, shrink packaging, case handling, and form, fill, and seal machines.


  • Includes a large selection of tapes


  • Includes a large selection of poly bags including custom sized bags with short lead times.  Also a provider of top sheeting, static shielding, and packing list envelopes.

Loveshaw and Little David

  • Equipment including formers, sealers, printers, and labelers


  • Includes a line of stretch wrappers featuring automatic / semi-automatic options and rotary arm wrappers. 

Paragon Films 

  • Stretch film supplier including machine and hand film and pre-stretched hand film.


  • A large selection of tapes including carton sealing tape


  • Kraft paper cushioning for dunnage, blocking, bracing, and cushioning.


  • Products including steel and poly strapping
  • Equipment including hand tools


  • Printers including industrial, desktop, and mobile thermal printers
  • Versatile software offerings for packaging line integration

Sealed Air

  • Products including bubble wrap, bubble bags, kraft mailers, shrink film, Korrvu, and more
  • Equipment including foam in place, air pillows and bubble on-demand systems, and shrink wrap equipment through Shanklin

Sigma Stretch Film 

  • Stretch film solutions including machine, hand, and pre-stretch films


  • Products including steel and poly strapping
  • Equipment including pallet strappers, corrugate, small parcels, side seal, and many others


  • Equipment including case sealers and case erectors

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