Samuel P-355

The P355 is a pneumatic plastic strapping tool that allows efficient strapping of various types of packages with high strength polyester strapping. This versatile and reliable tool can be used in any industry where polyester strapping is being applied at a fixed station.

  • Easy strap threading-both straps are inserted into the tool together
  • Sealing time, strap tension as well as strap thickness is adjustable, which guarantees a high sealing efficiency
  • Very silent operation, only approximately 75db

without suspension bracketwith suspension bracket
Length:12" / 305mm14" / 356mm
Width:4.1" / 104mm4.1" / 104mm
Height:6" / 151mm 9.9" / 252mm 
Weight:4.75 kg / 10.5 lbs 
Suitable Strap Qualities:PP and PET, plain and embossed 
90 - 470 lbs (400 - 2100 N) individual adjustment 
(dependent on strap quality) 
Average Sealing Strength:Approx. 75% of strap breaking strength (dependent on strap quality) 
Tension Speed:
Approx. 10"/sec (250 mm/sec)
(dependent on strap quality) 
Sealing Method:Friction weld seal 
Air Supply:Minimum G 1/4" (Coupling, mountings and fittings must not fall below this) 
Air Pressure:
6.0 bar / 87 psi (max)
5.5 bar / 80 psi (operating) 
Air Consumption Tensioning:Approx. 8 NI / 0.30 cu ft/sec (when motor is running) 
Air Consumption Sealing:Approx. 4-20 NI / 0.15 - 0.75 cu ft/seal (approx. 8 NI/second) 

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