Samuel A301

The A301 manual steel tensioner is designed for use with heavy, flat packages like steel, metals and forest products. This rugged and reliable hand tool can handle steel strapping thicknesses up to .040” (1.00 mm) for heavy-duty applications. The feed-wheel tensioning systems allows for unlimited steel strap take-up.

  • The tool has been designed for flat packages and objects
  • Feed wheel tensioning system allows unlimited strap take up
  • Tight strap tension without any tension loss
  • Long tensioning handle permits high effortless strap tension
  • The strap guide prevents the strap from getting out of line during tensioning

Weight:3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs
Suitable Strap Qualities:
19.0 - 32.0 mm / 3/4 - 1-1/4" wide
0.63 - 1.00 mm / 0.25 - .040" thick 
Seals:Semi open or overlap seals 

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