Orion MA-X

Orion's MA-X stretch wrapping machine and rotary stretch wrapper is our top of the line rotary tower in terms of speed, weight capacity and features. The MA-X stretch wrapper can handle loads weighing up to 6,000 pounds and features a 0-30 RPM rotating arm for throughput of up to 120 loads per hour. This automatic rotary stretch wrapping machine is an excellent choice for high production level applications which demand maximum speed, efficiency and long term durability.

 Heavy Duty Conveyors
Unlike some manufacturers, Orion builds all of their own conveyors in house for the ultimate in quality control and durability. An "open" mechanical design assures that motors, gearboxes, etc. are easily accessed for service or replacement. Each conveyor roller is supported by a full length solid steel axle and welded on (not pressed on) caps. These axles are then supported with individual cast housing bearings for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Tower Drive
A 33" precision ring bearing is used to support and drive the rotating arm of the MA-X stretch wrapper. The chain & sprocket drive is soft start and stop to for minimal wear and tear on the drive system. Major components are located within easy reach for fast maintenance and service.

Insta-ThreadFilm Delivery System
The Orion Insta-Thread film delivery system faces the side for easier film roll loading and threading. The system uses specially designed rollers to accurately elongate film at a standard rate of 260%. This highly reliable prestretch systems features the fastest, easiest and safest film loading on the market, and an advanced "non-contact" film tension sensor for years of trouble-free stretch wrapping. A sophisticated photo eye senses even difficult colored and reflective loads, and Orion's unique Insta-Sense system pauses the wrap cycle if the stretch film breaks or runs out.

Orion uses rugged, locally available switches, buttons and pots on control panels. Controls are logical and easy to understand. A large mushroom style E-stop button shuts the machine down immediately. This free-standing controller is CSA approved and NEMA 12 rated. The MA-X stretch wrapping machine uses the Allen Bradley / Series PLC controller for maximum flexibility and reliability. Low maintenance, long lasting AC motors are used throughout the MA-X stretch wrapper thanks to advanced Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) controllers.

MA-X SpecificationsStandardOptional
Rotation Speed (RPM):3036
Production Capacity (Loads/Hour)*:60-75 up to 120 
Maximum Load Weight (lbs):4500 6000 
Maximum Wrap Height:80" 95" or 110" 
Conveyor Speed (Feet/Minute):50 30-60 
Maximum Load Size:48"x48" (larger available, factory quote) 
Maximum Load Height:15" 
Minimum Wrap Height:2" from conveyor roller top 
Conveyor Roller Spacing:3.25" 
Controller/HMI:Allen Bradley, MicroLogix 1400 
Controller NEMA Rating:NEMA 12 
Independent Carriage:Standard 
Independent Top/Bottom Wrap Counts:Standard 
Safety Rating:Category 2 (Cat 3 option available) 
Standard Voltage:480 VAC / 3ph / 60Hz 
Standard Air:80 PSI @ 6 CFM 
Warranty:3 year components / 5 year frame / lifetime prestretch rollers 
Paint Finish:Electrostatic Powder Coat 
*Throughput rate calculated on a typical 48"x48"x60" H load with 2 top wraps, 2 bottom wraps, 2" film overlap and 3" top film overwrap.  Higher throughput speeds require optional upgrades.

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