MPERIA Controller

The MPERIA® controller platform manages multiple Matthews print technologies, including, high resolution piezo ink jet, high resolution thermal ink jet, laser and drop on demand valve ink jet – all from a single interface. MPERIA® allows you to manage messages and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines. Best of all, MPERIA® is scalable, allowing your business to grow without impacting your current marking system. A intuitive, touch screen GUI with PC-based hardware, the MPERIA® controller is simple to use and is available in several sizes to meet your needs. Create, edit and manage your printer files easily with MPERIA’s built-in message editor. On-screen editing allows you to build and edit the exact message that will print on the production line. Automation integration functions for scanners, material handling control, and custom GUI’s are also available. Seamlessly integrate with your ERP systems and databases to reduce coding errors and improve productivity. Remote control functionality alleviates operator error and efficiently coordinates multiple printers simultaneously. Connect via Ethernet, simple command line interface over its serial port, or wirelessly. MPERIA® can be remotely controlled by Virtual Network Computing, enabling central message management and remote diagnostics. The MPERIA® controller is available in three different base models. The right one for you depends on the size of your production run and your anticipated printing requirements as well as budget. All versions come with one printer connection and additional printer ports can be added using an industrial Ethernet switch.

MPERIA Lite Controller

The MPERIA Lite is the most compact controller in the MPERIA product line. This 7” controller manages one VIAjet™ printing technology. Upgrades are available that allow for expanding functions including the number of controlled devices. The MPERIA Lite also comes in an enclosed version.

MPERIA Standard Controller

The MPERIA Standard has the capability to support all VIAjet™ printing technologies for simultaneous print control and is ideal for primary, secondary, and tertiary marking and coding. Upgrades allow for a virtually unlimited number of VIAjet™ devices and functionality. The 12” MPERIA Standard controller also comes in an enclosed version.

MPERIA Standard H.E. Controller

The MPERIA Standard H.E. has the same capability as the MPERIA Standard, and offers a 15” touchscreen in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure making it suitable for harsh environments.

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