Advanced Poly Packaging T-1000H Bagger

The T-1000 Horizontal Baggerâ„¢ offers versatile solutions to packaging a wide variety of products that are difficult to load on a vertical bagger. It's perfect for a variety of products including shirts and other clothing, towels and sheets, gasket kits, large gaskets, filters, manuals, kits with instructions, coils of rope or cable, bread or other bagged goods, and more! Manually slide your product horizontally into the bag, or automatically push the product into the bag and your bagger does the rest! After the product enters the bag, the bagger seals the bag at the loading station and automatically discharges the product on an optional horizontal take away conveyor or a bin. The next bag is then indexed into position and blown open, ready to receive the next product.

  • Adjustable angle - let gravity do most of the work!
  • The LC-10 Light Curtain is a standard feature, making your system safer
  • Helps meet quality standards because you are closer to the bag and can visually inspect product as it's entering the bag
  • Patented "Next Bag Out" printing option virtually eliminates mislabeled bags
  • BO-30 Bag Opening Device is a standard feature that shapes the bag to fit the product for automatic loading applications; also, available as an option
  • Standard Touch Screen Operator Panel allows the operator to track production, adjust settings and receive technical operation information. Up to 32 jobs can be saved for instant job changeover. Pop-up numeric keypads and other window and message screens provide fast setting hanges and prompt information to operators
  • A solid Bronze Heater Bar maintains constant heat the "independent action" sealing. Coupled with our patented Teflon Shield and Ant-Jam obstruction detection, we guarantee perfect seals and low maintenance.
  • A horizontal flat belt conveyor removes product from the sealing area to further packing stations. Increased product pass-though for products up to 8" thick.
  • Compact design to "fit" in any packaging operation (shown below with optional Ti-1000 Thermal Transfer Printer). Print inline while loading your product: stop applying pressure sensitive labels. Print part numbers, text, logos, graphics and bar codes directly to the surface of the bag. See the Ti-1000 Thermal Transfer Printer Product page for details.
  • Stainless "Slide" Plate provides a low friction surface with easy-open bag and product guides.

DescriptionT-1000 HorizontalT-1000 Wide Horizontal
Weight:282 lbs332 lbs
 Dimensions:26" width X 81" long
(including 3' conveyor) 
 47" width X 93" long
(including 4' conveyor)
 Memory:32 job saves 
 Load Height: 40"
 Cycle Rate:100 bags/minute* 
 Seal Bar:15" wide bronze 18" wide bronze 
 Bag Size Min:3" X 5" 4" X 7" 
 Bag Size Max:14" X 30" 16" X 30" 
 Product Pass Through:Up to 8" 
 Electric:110/220V, 60/50Hz 
 FLC:10 amps 
 Air:1.5 cfm, 80 psi 
 Included:Touch screen, funnel, foot switch, guards, manual, 1 year parts warranty 
 Conveyor Specifications
 Exposed Belt Width:14" 18" 
 Length:3' Standard
(up to 100') 
4' Standard
(up to 100') 
 Height:Adjustable height & tilt 
 Belt Speed:Up to 50'/minute 
 Motor:1/8 HP, DC 
 *dependent on bag size and product

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