Wexxar Bel 290T

The BEL 290T automatic tape case sealer is designed to meet the case sealing demands of heavy-duty applications and to minimize energy waste during slow or paused case production upstream. The case sealer is equipped with Power Save Mode as well as other popular Wexxar/BEL features, including easy touch-screen controls; a self-squaring side-belt drive system; fully-interlocking safety guarding; tool-less, color-coded case size changeover, and extruded aluminum frame construction. This automatic case sealer also features a very compact design that allows it to fit easily into existing packaging lines. The BEL 290T compact tape case sealer precisely folds and seals the major and minor flaps for a wide range of case sizes and is available for top sealing or top and bottom sealing.

  • Energy Management - built in Power Save Mode allows the BEL 290 to power down and hibernate when the system is not in use, or during paused case production upstream, and to restart again when case flow resumes
  • Easy Set-up Guides - tool-less, color-coded case size changeover in under 5 minutes
  • Operator Safety - advanced interlocked guarding aides in employee safety
  • Touch-screen control to monitor all sealing related functions
  • Easy to maintain, using the highest quality commercially available components
  • Corrosion resistant finish throughout
  • Compact footprint
  • Equipped with Dekka stainless steel 2" tape heads (optionally available with 3" tape heads)
  • Available in tape version or hotmelt version

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