Samuel P-326

Samuel Strapping Systems is proud to introduce the P326 handheld battery-operated tool. This robust strapping tool can achieve unparalleled tension ratings at exceptional speeds, making it the perfect handheld tool for our 3/8” to 5/8” plastic strapping. The latest in lithium ion battery technology means that your P326 will last longer in the field and recharge much faster than other battery-operated hand tools.

  • New reinforced 18V motor
  • Easy strap threading
  • Adjustable sealing time for high sealing efficiency
  • Suitable for polypropylene polyester, plain and embossed strapping
  • Up to 600 strap cycles per battery charge
  • All new lithium ion battery technology
  • User-friendly charge indicator
  • Easy tension adjustment, to ensure the right strap tension for safe operation

Length:350mm / 13.8"
Width:122mm / 4.8"
Height: 130mm / 5" 
Weight: 3.95kg / 8.7lbs (includes battery) 
Suitable Strap Qualities:
Polypropylene and Polyester,
plain and embossed 
Tension:400 - 2400 N (90 - 540lbs)
individual adjustment (Max tension depends on strap quality) 
Average Sealing Strength:Approx. 75% of strap breaking strength
(dependent on strap quality) 
Tension Speed in Seconds:85-190 mm/s (33-7.5"/s) 

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