Sharp Packaging Hawk Evolution Bagging Machine

The Hawk Evolution bagger by Sharp is a versatile piece of equipment which is capable of producing simple pillow bags, gusseted bags, as well as flat bottom bags. It is capable of running a wide range of materials and works in many industries.

  • Makes bags up to 12" wide and 18" long
  • Up to 2 printers can print directly onto the package
  • Many printer brands are compatible
  • Stores label programs in the system
  • Edge Guide "eyes" reduce waste by monitoring and adjusting the edge of the film
  • Easy to access troubleshooting video clips and manuals on the HMI
  • Powerful PC based system
  • Off-the-shelf parts
  • Maintenance stepper motor powers the jaw drive mechanism
  • Accommodates most existing forming tubes
  • Easy, no tool changeover
Bag Styles
  • Simple pillow bags
  • Gusseted bags
  • Flat bottom bags
Packaging Materials
  • Any structure of polyethylene
  • Any laminated structure
  • Metalized film
  • Foil
Best Uses
  • Candy, nuts, salted snacks
  • IQF (individually quick frozen) foods
  • Pet food
  • Fresh produce
  • Hot liquids like soups and gravies
  • Coffee
  • Medical industry applications 
  • Food

Speed:Up to 120 empty bags/minute
Bag Widths:2" - 12"
Bag Lengths:2" - 16" standard, 18" optional vertical seal bar
Bag:Laminated and polyethylene
Electrical:220 VAC 60Hz, 15 amps single phase
Air:80 psi, 2 - 3 cfm
Size:53" width X 83" depth X 69" height
Warranty:2 years

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