AETNA Robopac Compacta Series

The Compacta semi-automatic bundling machines are designed for low- to mid-volume production. The units are designed for bundling long, narrow products like wood molding, aluminum and plastic extrusion as well as tubing, textiles and carpet. Units are available with a variety of product stabilization and sealing devices. This versatility allows our Compacta machines to quickly and easily adapt to different product types, shapes and sizes and makes them the ideal solution for almost any application.

Color Touch Screen - The control panel has been redesigned to incorporate a touch screen. The large color screen allows you to create programs quickly and easily. Upgraded memory can now record up to eight different programs.
Cut and Clamp Unit - The automatic, reliable dual rod cut and clamp system fully automates the wrapping process.
Roll Carriage - The roll carriage has a direct braking transmission roller and is continuously adjustable. It also simplifies roll loading and film insertion.
Pneumatic Pressure Platen - Pneumatic top platen presses down automatically to ensure stabilisation of the product during wrapping. Height can be adjusted manually for products of different heights.
Start & Stop Pedal - The wrapping program can be started safely thanks to the pedal start system. Once the outfeed pressure platen lowers, the operator can release the pedal and retrieve the next product to be wrapped. This system guarantees the operator only positions the product and starts the cycle.

Compacta 4Compacta 6Compacta 9Compacta 12

Belt Driven Rotation: yes
Max. RPM:150 120 75 60 58 
Wrapping Cycle:Continuous or Banding
Manual Top Pressure Unit Infeed and Outfeed:Optional
Pneumatic Cold Cutting and Clamping Unit:yes
Friction Roll:yes
Constant Film Tensioning:N/Ayes
Power Supply Voltage:
1 phase 
230 V 
3 phase 
Installed Power: 1 HP2 HP 
Working Pressure: 90 PSI:yes
Film Width (in.):5"10" 
Maximum Ext. Dia. (in.):8" 10"
Core Diameter (in.):3"

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