AETNA Robopac Rototech

Rototech is the ideal solution for fully automatic wrapping of unstable products with stretch film. The Heavy Duty Cut, Clamp and Seal System can save you an average of 2 minutes of labor per load. For the average customer, this translates to $60,000 in labor savings. The New Rototech with CUBE Technology will reduce your film usage by 30% to 55%, improve your load containment and reduce your product damage.

Color Touch Screen - Robopac’s Intuitive 7 Inch Color Touchscreen makes it easy to set up the correct parameters for wrapping each of your loads. You control containment force, rotation speed, roping and banding at 9 levels on each load.
Power Variable Stretch Roll Carriage -  This innovative, dual motor pre-stretch system provides you the ability to pre-stretch film from 150% up to 400% using two independent, variable AC motors.
Standard cut, clamp, press and seal device - Robopac’s Heavy Duty Automatic Cut, Clamp, Press and Seal System is standard on the Rototech and can be counted on to work for you load after load. This will keep your fork truck drivers on their fork trucks where they can be the most productive. The Rototech can save you an average of 2 minutes of labor per load. For the average customer, this translates to $60,000 in labor savings. 
Extendable Wrap Arm - Ideal for unstable and/or irregular “C Type” loads, this machine can wrap loads up to 55”L X 55”W. The arm can be adjusted to match load dimensions to ensure optimal wrapping. 

Production Speed:Up to 40 LPH
Wrap Arm Speed:12 RPM 
Rotary Arm Drive:1 HP VAC 
Automation Device
Film Tail Treatment:Cut and Swipe 
Remote Control:Standard 
Pull Cord/Lanyard Start System:Standard 
Load Handling
Wrap Arm Zone:126.3" 
Max Load Height:80" 
Max Load Size:55" x 55" 
Max Load Weight:Unlimited 
Film Delivery System - PVS
Film Delivery System:Power Variable Stretch 
Standard Pre-Stretch:Variable to 400% 
Wrapping Force:Load Cell 
Standard Film Width:20" 
Automatic Film Cut:N/A 
Film Cut & Clamp System:Cut & Weld Standard 
Safety Features
Safety Bumper with dual circuits:Standard 
CE Compliant:Yes 
Machine Shipping Weight:
Approximate Weight:2,400 lbs 
Approximate Dimensions:136" L x 44" W x 45" H 
Service Requirements
Electric + Air:110V / 1ph +90 PSI 
NEMA 12 Enclosure:Standard 
Warranty:3 Years 

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