Strapack RQ7000M

The RQ7000M boasts the advanced high-speed sealing head of RQ7000, durability of the AQ-7M for moisture-laden environments and most of the features of the best-selling automatic machine, RQ-8, such as strap self-loading, re-feed and loop ejection. The RQ7000M is capable of 50 straps per minute (1.2 seconds per cycle) which is among the fastest machines of this kind. Permanently lubricated mechanisms, side-seal design and body parts made of stainless steel and other waterproof parts make the RQ7000M the ideal machine for harsh environments. Fully automatic configurations available.

  • Straps up to 60 Bundles/Minute
  • Space Efficient Reel Unit, Reel rotation is stopped by electromagnetic Reel Breaks vs. mechanical breaks
  • Automatically ejects any remaining strap from inside the machine when strap coil runs out
  • Tension Motor eliminates wear parts such as interlock shaft, tension belt, and pulley for maintenance free performance

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