Strapack JK-5

Strapack's new affordable JK-5 is designed to bring the productivity, speed, and ergonomics of arch strapping machines to those who have wanted an arch machine but have not been able to justify the cost. With 110 Volt power supply, parts- and labor-free strap width adjustment from 5mm to 5/8", up to 27 strap per minute speed, auto re-feed, loop ejection, a patented strap dispensing system, and small footprint, the JK-5 can be used virtually anywhere. At an affordable price, UPS & FedEx shippers, first class mailers, small to medium size manufacturing concerns, and those customers that must have a strapping machine at multiple workstations, can afford to own the JK-5.

  • 110 Volt power supply
  • Parts and labor-free strap width adjustment from 5mm to 5/8"
  • 27 Straps per minute
  • Auto re-feed and loop ejection
  • a patented strap dispensing system
  • small footprint

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