System Packaging 9000 Random Length Double Web Machine

The 9000 random length machine is equipped with indexing feed fingers to speed the handling and loading of rectangular items such as books, CD’s, etc. It accepts a continuous stream of products varying in length, and adjusts the package length accordingly. Speed will vary by length of package and by the feed rate of products. Long or irregular shaped products can be accommodated with an optional belted infeed conveyor. The system uses paper, polyethylene, single-face corrugate, and paper microfoam laminate in any combination.

  • The 9000 measures the length of the product and makes a package accordingly
  • The standard system comes with either a Flited/Lugged Infeed Conveyor or a Belted Infeed Conveyor
  • This machine uses two Rolls of Cold Seal Material to make the protective pouch.
  • The infeed conveyor carries the product to the sealing head where both rolls of material come together to form the protective pouch.
  • The end seals and length cutoff are done simultaneously in the sealing head of the system.
  • Machine operation and setup are done thru the touch screen controller.
  • This allows the operator to make adjustments quickly and easily.
  • The system is available in 12" , 18" , 24" and 36" Wide Models
  • The maximum Width and Height thru the machine varies upon Model
  • The 900-12 has a 2-1/2" High Package Capability
  • The 900-18 and the 900-24 have a 5" High Package Capability
  • While the 900-36 and the 900-24-8 have a 8" High Package Capability
  • Product lengths on a Flited infeed is limited the flite spacing (17" O.C. typical.
  • Products lengths are unlimited for the Belted infeed models.
  • Most all cold seal materials can be run on the series 9000, these include: Corrugated
    • Polyethylene
    • Kraft Papers
    • Foams
    • Bubble
  • The standard system has a 8' Infeed Table and a 3' Exit Conveyor
  • It uses 110 V.A.C. and 80 P.S.I.
  • The unit can run packages up to 35 packages per minute
  • Machine supplied with standard roll holders

Options Available:
  • Pneumatic Spindle Roll Stands for Quick Material Change Over
  • Power Unwind units for certain cohesive materials
  • Extended Infeed Tables and Exit Conveyors
  • Double Stop Option is Available for Easy Loading of Longer Products
  • Fold over opening device
  • Perforators for easy open packages
  • Pneumatic Spindle with both rolls mounted in the rear
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Print and Apply Label Applicators
  • Roll Printers or Coders

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