Rennco Vertic-L Bar Bagger

The Vertic·L provides a versatile, reliable solution for packaging a wide variety of common and unusual shaped items in bags up to 14" by 14". The small footprint Vertic·L which uses flat roll stock material, provides a cost-effective alternative to machines using pre-made bags. Additional customer benefits that reduce downtime and allow for easy operation include tool-less changeovers, user-friendly HMI control panel, a trim pull device that saves time during roll stock replacement, and quick machine cycling with a light curtain mechanism. There are advantages the VerticL semi-automatic vertical L bar bagger, including a versatile design that produces package sizes up to 14-inches by 14-inches, increased efficiency with tool-less changeovers, and an automatic machine cycling with light curtain mechanism. This VerticL has a new small footprint and provides a reliable, versatile cost-effective alternative to pre-made bags for a wide variety of common and unusual shaped items. The control panel buttons allow the operator of the VerticL bar bagger to easily change the machine settings. Bag length, seal bar temperatures, and setup features are all easily adjusted.

  • Adjustable Spreader Chute - Allows for easy loading of products into packaging film
  • Folding Rollers - Guides folded material
  • Folding Plate - Fold material from flat to centerfold
  • Roll Stock Material - Utilizes flat stock material
  • Film Puller - Pulls scrap down and away from package 
  • User-friendly HMI - Control panel buttons allow the operator to easily change machine settings.  Bag length, seal bar temperatures, and setup features are all easily adjusted.  The control panel also monitors run cycle and lifetime cycles.
Annual Cost Savings Over Pre-Made Bags*
vs. Poly Bags
(Based on $5.00/lb)
vs. Roll Bags
(Based on $5.68/lb) 
 10 bags/min$5.745 $6.846 
 30 bags/min$17,279 $20,588 
 *3"x5" bag size, .001 mile polyethylene & $1.45/lbs

Air Requirement:.12 cfm - 80 psi (cfm will vary with added options)
Electrical Requirement:110 Volt - 1 Phase - 60 Hz
Footprint33-1/2" X 34-1/2" 
Package Size:2" X 2" up to 14" X 14" 
Speed:Up to 20/minute depending on product 


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