Clamco R2300

The Rollbag™ R2300 system delivers exceptional value, speed, and flexibility for bagging operations using pre-opened bags-on-a-roll. Utilizing the latest technological innovations, the R2300 can fill and seal bags at rates significantly faster than manual packaging.

  • Cycles at up to 100 bags per minute
  • Utilizes Rollbags™ for fast bag size changes, high speed operation and easy set-up
  • Built-in interface port integrates counters, scales, robotics and other automatic in-feed devices for fully automatic packaging
  • Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem solving
  • Low pressure closing with obstruction detection system for improved operator safety
  • Wide color touch screen is operator friendly and has clear readable prompts and alarms
  • Adjustable from Vertical to Slanted configuration to meet your application requirements
  • Designed to minimize preventative maintenance costs
  • Easy adjustable stand with casters and compact design provides portability and ease of set up
  • Quick roll change feature to facilitate easy and fast changeover
  • On board memory stores multiple job data to recall at a later date
  • Strip packaging
  • Batch/job counter for better accuracy
  • Designed to meet CE requirements
  • Made in USA
The Rollbag R2300 is the ultimate in reliability and ease of operation. It’s quick to set-up, easy to operate, fast and reliable for hand loading, semi-automatic or fully automatic bag packaging. With Rollbag systems, size changes and setup are a breeze using the built-in job storage feature and the large color touch-screen. Help screens and built-in diagnostics ensure optimum performance and uptime.

Built-in interface simplifies integration of counters, scales, robotics and other automatic in-feed devices for in-line filling. With the printer option, the Rollbag R2300 can print graphics, bar codes, and text in-line, as each bag is indexed through the machine, eliminating the material cost and labor expense of applying labels.

The Rollbag R2300 is simply the ultimate system for fast, efficient automatic bagging.

The Rollbag R2300 automatic bagger is made in the USA and includes a 1 year limited warranty, extendable up to 5 years when exclusively using Rollbag brand bags on a roll or poly tubing!

  • Accumulating Funnel - The Accumulating funnel helps to speed packaging productivity by allowing continuous feeding during the bagger cycle. Once cycled, the funnel door opens into the bag, providing positive product entry. A standard accumulating funnel has a single door that pivots out from the machine and contains the product during the cycling of the bagger. Variety of sizes available to fit different bags
  • Air Dryer - This is for customers that may have moisture in their airlines. A point of use air dryer is mounted to the machine just ahead of the air regulator allowing dry air to enter the machine.
  • Articulating Funnel - Known as an insertion funnel. This funnel moves downward into the opening of the bag while product is loaded into the bag and then moves upward, retracting out of the bag allowing for the bagger to cycle and seal the bag. Should be used in applications where air flow can affect the flow of product into the bag. This funnel should be used when packaging products that dissipate particulate matter while flowing into the bag prior to sealing.
  • Articulating Load Shelf / Bag Support - Pneumatically operated shelf that is used to support the bottom and back of the bag during the loading process. The shelf then tips down and out of the way after the bag has been sealed.
  • Additional Parts Funnels- Various sizes available as an option
  • Adjustable Bombay Door Funnel - This funnel has two doors that pivot from the outside edges of the funnel downward into the bag causing it to square the bag. This allows pamphlets, books and brochures to be fed into the bag both manually and automatically.
  • Adjustable Hole Punch - A pneumatic punch puts a hole in the bag allowing for air evacuation.
  • Audible Warning System - When the PLC detects an error in machine function an audible alarms sounds and the machine stops
  • Bag Deflator - The bag deflator is used to compress the bag, expelling the air just prior to sealing. The deflator is mounted to the pressure jaw and travels inward toward the machine as the seal process is started. (Available as a rubber loop and using foam rubber)
  • Bag Out Sensor - This sensor is used to monitor when bags are in position and when the end of a roll has been reached.
  • Bag Open Sensor - This sensor assures that when a bag is in the load position it is open and ready to accept product. The bag open sensor is typically used for automatic filling applications.
  • Bag Spreader/Seal Flattener Fingers - Pneumatically operated opposing fingers that pull each side of the bag taught above the seal area to flatten the bag seal area. Thus decreasing the possibility of wrinkles in the seal area while increasing seal integrity.
  • Counting Funnel - The funnel has a sensor or light curtain mounted on it to count the number of pieces dropped through it. Depending on the product and application it can be used to only count product or cycle the machine when a count is reached. Product must be submitted to determine proper sensor.
  • Dual Palm Buttons (Anti-Tie Down) - Two optical “no touch” buttons must be passed through simultaneously to initiate the cycle operation of the bagger. If the two sensors are not passed through at the same time, the bagger will not cycle ensuring that fingers or hands cannot be in the seal area. Recommended for hand load applications where no funnel is used.
  • Safety Light Curtain - A device that restricts the operation of the bagger when the optical detection field is obstructed, recommended for hand loading directly into the bag.
  • Shaker Load Shelf - A shelf under the bag that taps the bottom of the bag while loading product. Used for product that pyramids on itself during the loading process.
  • Thermal Transfer Printer - 203 dpi (dots per inch) 4.09 inches wide, speeds up to 10 inches per second. The printer can print barcodes, several text formats and alphanumeric symbols and special characters. It has a built in Ribbon saving feature is standard, thus reducing wasted thermal transfer ribbon between imprints. USB, Parallel and Serial ports available
  • Trim Seal - This option allows for the trimming of the excess film from the bag above the seal to enhance the appearance of the package. (Retail Bags)
  • Utility Table - 37”x 24” Work
  • 220 Volt Option - Is available, 230V, 50/60 Hz operation
  • Large Jaw Pass-Through Areas for over sized products
  • Exit Conveyors for product take-away
  • Trim Seal or Wide Seal
  • Kit/Counting Conveyors - For help with kit packaging and/or product counting operations
  • Sealing system for film up to 15” wide
  • Custom Options for special packaging applications please contact your regional sales manager for custom engineered quotes
  • Spare parts kit

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